Rapid ROI Makes TerrAlign a Smart Choice for Consumer Products Companies

April 30, 2014

Case study shows how one Global 500 Consumer Products Company increased revenue and paid back their investment in TerrAlign within 12-18 months.

Independent research conducted by TechValidate illustrates the experience of one consumer products company that chose TerrAlign over other vendors for its performance, scalability, and reporting capabilities.

With TerrAlign’s Sales Territory Alignment and Optimization solutions, the company increased revenue, reduced sales headcount, and cut time in the realignment process and reported that their investment in TerrAlign as paid back within 12-18 months.

Read the case study and learn how your company can quickly increase revenues with TerrAlign’s sales territory alignment solutions.

Financial Services Companies Increase Sales Force Efficiency with TerrAlign

April 30, 2014

Case study shows how one large enterprise financial services company used TerrAlign to maximize resources, cut time aligning territories and making changes, and increase sales force efficiency.

In an independent study conducted by TechValidate, this TerrAlign customer reported increased sales force efficiency, reduced time managing the territory alignment process, optimized resources, and improved quota allocation and balance of incentive compensation payments.

Read the case study and learn how your company can increase sales force efficiency with TerrAlign.

Rapid ROI Makes TerrAlign a Smart Investment for Pharmaceutical Companies

January 31, 2014

Case Study Illustrates how One Pharmaceuticals Company Paid Back their Investment in Terralign within the First Three Months after Deployment.

The TerrAlign Group, a leading provider of Sales Territory Alignment and Mapping solutions, recently released the results of an independent study by TechValidate that demonstrates how TerrAlign customers quickly improve efficiency and save time through the use of its Sales Territory Management system.

The case study reflects the experience of a Global 500 Pharmaceuticals Company that wanted to improve sales force efficiency and reduce time spent on sales planning and realignment.

The company replaced a competing Sales Territory Management solution with TerrAlign and chose TerrAlign over other vendors for its scalability, web-based realignment capabilities, cost, ease of use, and integration with the existing CRM system.

The company reported that the investment in TerrAlign was paid back within the first three months after deployment and is quoted as saying “our greatest benefit with TerrAlign has been the ease and simplicity of making changes and understanding the impact of those changes.”

Read the case study and learn why TerrAlign’s Sales Territory Alignment and Mapping solutions are a smart investment for pharmaceuticals companies.

Improve Sales Performance with Strategic Sales Territory Alignment

May 13, 2011


TerrAlign’s Ken Kramer Presents at Sales Territory Alignment and Management Webinar

Industry Experts Discuss the Importance and Benefits of Strategically Aligning Sales Territories and Optimizing Sales Resources

April 15, 2011 (Reston, VA) – The TerrAlign Group’s Director of Product Marketing & Business Development, Ken Kramer presented at The Sales Management Association’s webinar Aligning Sales Territories on January 21, 2011. The panel of experts also included Neil Ackerman, Program and Enterprise Management, Business Process and Technology at Altria, Chris Mall, Sales Investment Manager at W. W. Grainger, and Bob Kelly, Chairman of the Sales Management Association.

Topics discussed include: Evaluating sales force size and structure; Competitive advantages of strategic sales territory alignment. . .

Follow the link to read the full press release – topic: Sales Territory Alignment

About The TerrAlign Group
The TerrAlign Group (www.terralign.com) provides Sales Territory Management software and services to a wide variety of Global 2000 companies. TerrAlign developed the world’s first desktop-based sales territory optimizer over two decades ago and since that time has broadened its offerings and expanded its domain expertise. It is now the first and only software vendor to deliver a Sales Territory Management solution for the Salesforce Platform, is an AppExchange Certified Partner, and is a leading provider of Sales Territory Analysis and Sales Territory Planning software.
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Software as a Service (SaaS) – Online Sales Territory Alignment

June 21, 2010

TerrAlign, a leading provider of solutions for the planning and management of sales territories, offers a sophisticated web-based sales territory alignment SaaS solution that is designed to meet the information flow needs of field organizations during and after sales territory alignments.

TerrAlign’s eMap uses a Web interface that empowers field personnel with interactive mapping, territory modification, map printing and report generation capabilities. It also serves as a management channel for updating sales representatives with the latest sales territory alignment changes and account information.

Learn how your company can benefit from eMap, TerrAlign’s Sales Territory Alignment SaaS Solution

Interview: Creating a Culture of Measurement through Territory Alignment

March 30, 2010

TerrAlign’s Ken Kramer was interviewed recently by Gerhard Gschwandtner of Selling Power TV. Topics discussed during the interview, titled “Creating a Culture of Measurement through Territory Alignment,” include when, why and how often sales territories should be realigned to ensure that opportunities are optimally distributed and sales and performance are maximized.

Click to watch the interview and learn how to maximize sales performance using sales territory alignment strategies.
TerrAlign is a leading provider of Sales Territory Alignment and Sales Territory Optimization Solutions.

Sales Territory Alignment

February 12, 2010

Sales territory alignment is a critical factor in the performance of your company’s sales team. If your sales territories are not optimally aligned, your sales reps may be spending unnecessary time traveling. Or, if sales territory mapping is such that one sales rep has too many prospects and another has too few, sales will be lost and overall performance will suffer.

TerrAlign’s sales territory alignment software allows companies to quickly and easily realign sales territories to maximize performance. Whether you are looking for enterprise sales territory alignment software or a Software as a Service solution, TerrAlign has what you need to optimize sales resources and maximize sales performance.

Learn more about TerrAlign’s Sales Territory Alignment Software.

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