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May 11, 2015

Few companies would discourage salespeople from making sales calls, even when sales effort reaches the point of diminishing returns. But that’s exactly the right thing to do, when incremental activity no longer correlates with incremental sales. Response curves help management determine how many sales calls – or other sorts of selling activity – will optimize results.

Join TerrAlign and the Sales Management Association on June 3rd as they present:

Curve Your Enthusiasm
JUNE 03, 2015
2:00-3:00pm (EST)

TerrAlign’s Ken Kramer, VP, Sales & Marketing and Jamie Baker, Director, Vision Care will offer insight into:

  • Response curve basics
  • How response curves contribute to sales organizations’ data-driven decision making
  • Benefits of optimizing sales force activity

Register now and learn how to optimize sales call plans and maximize results.



Improve Sales Call Planning with TerrAlign

January 30, 2015

Managing sales call plans can be a difficult task. Many organizations use spreadsheets and homegrown systems that are disorganized, time-consuming and inefficient.  With TerrAlign’s sales resource optimization solutions, there is a better way.

Independent research conducted by TechValidate illustrates the experience of one Large Enterprise Professional Services Company that chose TerrAlign over competitive platforms for its strategic approach to resource optimization and Salesforce integration capabilities.

With TerrAlign, the company has streamlined sales call planning and realized positive changes to sales headcount and revenues.

Read the case study and learn how your company can improve sales call planning and quickly increase revenues with TerrAlign’s sales resource optimization solutions.


Research Finds TerrAlign Improves Sales Call Planning

January 24, 2013

Research by TechValidate
In a recent survey, TerrAlign customers reported more efficient sales call planning and balanced sales territories after deployment of TerrAlign solutions:

“With TerrAlign we now have more efficient sales call planning and correctly sized territories.”

– Source: Business Professional, Medium Enterprise Consumer Products Company

Learn how your company can improve sales call planning and sales territory sizing with TerrAlign.

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