Rapid ROI Makes TerrAlign a Smart Choice for Consumer Products Companies

April 30, 2014

Case study shows how one Global 500 Consumer Products Company increased revenue and paid back their investment in TerrAlign within 12-18 months.

Independent research conducted by TechValidate illustrates the experience of one consumer products company that chose TerrAlign over other vendors for its performance, scalability, and reporting capabilities.

With TerrAlign’s Sales Territory Alignment and Optimization solutions, the company increased revenue, reduced sales headcount, and cut time in the realignment process and reported that their investment in TerrAlign as paid back within 12-18 months.

Read the case study and learn how your company can quickly increase revenues with TerrAlign’s sales territory alignment solutions.

Financial Services Companies Increase Sales Force Efficiency with TerrAlign

April 30, 2014

Case study shows how one large enterprise financial services company used TerrAlign to maximize resources, cut time aligning territories and making changes, and increase sales force efficiency.

In an independent study conducted by TechValidate, this TerrAlign customer reported increased sales force efficiency, reduced time managing the territory alignment process, optimized resources, and improved quota allocation and balance of incentive compensation payments.

Read the case study and learn how your company can increase sales force efficiency with TerrAlign.

Customers Report Increased Revenues with TerrAlign

January 31, 2014

Case Study Demonstrates how One Media & Entertainment Company Increased Revenues through Strategic Sales Resource Optimization.

The TerrAlign Group, a leading provider of Sales Resource Optimization solutions, recently released the results of an independent study by TechValidate that illustrates how TerrAlign customers can increase sales revenues through strategic sales resource optimization.

The case study summarizes the experience of a Global 500 Media & Entertainment Company that wanted to improve their ability to compete in desired markets, streamline the sales planning process, and lower the time spent making change requests.

The company selected TerrAlign over other vendors for its optimization capabilities, integration with existing CRM and SPM systems, and ease of use.

With TerrAlign, the company reported that it was able to restructure the sales force and reduce staffing while also increasing revenues by 25% – “It has made the alignment process with the Field Managers run much smoother as they can visually see the changes and understand the impact of the changes up front.”

Read the case study and learn how TerrAlign can help your company increase revenues through strategic sales resource optimization.

Improve Sales Call Planning with TerrAlign

August 30, 2013

TechValidate recently surveyed TerrAlign customers and found that improved sales call planning and sales territory sizing were among the top benefits realized through the use of TerrAlign’s Sales Force Effectiveness Consulting Services.

One client, a Medium Enterprise Consumer Products Company, is quoted as saying:
With TerrAlign we now have more efficient sales call planning and correctly sized territories.

Contact TerrAlign today to learn how your company can improve sales performance through intelligent sales call planning and sales territory sizing

Adopt Sales Management Best Practices that Help You Achieve More

July 24, 2013

Ken Kramer, the Executive Director of Sales and Marketing at TerrAlign, recently spoke with Gareth Goh of InsightSquared on how to optimize sales resources. Topics covered include:

  • Defining Sales Resource Optimization for today’s sales organizations
  • Best practices and challenges of sales territory design and management
  • Strategic sales force sizing how-tos
  • Analyzing key metrics and performance indicators
  • Anticipated trends in sales force management

Read the full article in the Sales & Marketing Management Analytics Blog to learn about TerrAlign’s approach to strategic sales territory management.

Customers Realize Time and Cost Savings with TerrAlign

April 26, 2013

Case Study Shows that Customers Realize Time and Cost Savings with TerrAlign’s Sales Territory Management Solutions


April 8, 2013 (Reston, VA) — The TerrAlign Group, a leading provider of Sales Resource Optimization solutions, recently released the results of an independent study by TechValidate that demonstrates how TerrAlign customers realize cost and time savings through the use of its Sales Territory Management system.

The case study reflects the experience of a company in the S&P 500 Professional Services category that wanted to reduce the time spent making change requests, ensure accuracy in rep assignment within the system, and optimize their sales resources.

The company replaced a competing Sales Territory Management solution with TerrAlign and chose TerrAlign over other vendors for its ease of use, reporting functionality, optimization and manual realignment tools, web-based realignment capabilities, and integration with other CRM systems….

Click to read the full press release and learn more about how this company realized cost and time savings with TerrAlign’s Sales Territory Management Solutions

About TerrAlign
The TerrAlign Group (www.terralign.com) provides Sales Territory Management software and services to a wide variety of Global 2000 companies. TerrAlign developed the world’s first desktop-based sales territory optimizer over two decades ago and is now the first and only software vendor to deliver a Sales Territory Management solution for the Salesforce Platform, is an AppExchange Certified Partner, and is a leading provider of Business Mapping Software and Sales Territory Planning software.

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TerrAlign Outperforms the Competition

January 31, 2013

Research by TechValidate

In a recent study conducted by TechValidate, 43% of surveyed sales organizations view TerrAlign’s performance as stronger than the competition.
– Source: Survey of 53 users of TerrAlign Sales Territory Optimization

Learn more about TerrAlign’s Cutting Edge Sales Territory Optimization Solutions

TerrAlign Moves to New Location

October 27, 2012

Leading Provider of Sales Territory Management Software and Services Increases Office Space to Accommodate Expanded Staff, Product Development and Continued Growth


October 9, 2012 (Reston, VA) — The TerrAlign Group, a leading provider of Sales Territory Management solutions announces that they have moved to a larger, expanded office space located at 1818 Library Street in Reston, Virginia.

For over twenty years, TerrAlign has been an innovator in the management of sales territories and has developed a sophisticated framework that helps companies streamline sales processes, optimize sales resources and increase sales productivity. The move is indicative of their success in these areas. The Library Street location offers expanded office space to accommodate several new employees and improved facilities for product testing and development… Read More

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Go Green – Cut Travel Costs

July 24, 2012

There are many steps companies can take to go green – turn off computers and electronics when not in use, install motion-sensor lights in restrooms and storage rooms, buy recycled products – the list goes on and on. Simple steps like these are not only good for the environment, but can also improve a company’s bottom line significantly over time.

For companies that spend a lot of money on travel for their employees, going green requires some planning. Tools such as video conferencing may lessen the need for face to face meetings, but often it is the face to face that gets the job done. For example, regional sales managers are typically in charge of large sales territories and need to make the rounds in order to nurture relationships with existing clients and court new ones. How can a company go green and cut travel costs if regular sales calls are vital to the bottom line?

It is not enough to simply limit the number of sales trips or use an online mapping program to plot a route from Point A to Point B. To really go green and substantially reduce unnecessary travel costs, sales managers need to do a thorough sales territory analysis to identify areas of inefficiencies. A comprehensive analysis would ask the questions:

  • How often do the sales reps need to visit each client to maximize ROI?
  • How many sales calls are needed for prospective vs. existing clients?
  • Are the sales territories optimized so that sales potential is maximized?
  • Do we have the right number of reps to achieve high sales performance?
  • Are trips structured to maximize sales force efficiency?

An efficient sales force does not happen by accident. Sales managers need to know how to take apart the engine and understand the nuts and bolts of their sales organization in order to clean the cogs and maximize sales performance.

Unfortunately, to improve sales performance most often managers focus on individual performance rather than delving into the nuts and bolts of the sales process and do not address the source of inefficiencies. If a sales territory is too big or small, or if you don’t have the right number of sales reps, or if sales reps are making too many or too few sales calls, then the problem may not be the individual but rather a failure in the system. Individual performance is sabotaged from the outset.

If your company wants to go green by cutting travel costs and improve sales force efficiency, TerrAlign can help you delve into the sales process and identify inefficiencies. Over the last thirty years we have developed a sophisticated 7-step framework that first assesses and optimizes a company’s processes, then maps sales territories, assigns staff and schedules sales calls to minimize travel time and maximize potential. We can help you take apart the engine, identify areas of inefficiency and streamline the system to minimize travel expenses and get the most out of your sales force.

When frequent travel is a cost of doing business, going green can be challenging. One way to reduce a company’s impact on the environment, and on their bottom line, is to streamline sales processes to cut out inefficiencies and minimize travel expenses.

Help Your Company Go Green by Cutting Travel Costs – Use Terralign’s Sales Force Effectiveness Consulting Services to Identify Inefficiencies and Streamline Sales Processes.

Business Mapping Software

March 29, 2012

Use Business Mapping Software To Quickly Improve Sales Force Efficiency

Rising fuel and travel costs are taking a toll on businesses, and companies are struggling to manage those costs. Sales teams often bear the brunt of these challenges. They are told to sell more and travel less, and then are penalized when they don’t reach their goals.

Most sales teams operate within long-standing, inefficient systems. Many factors contribute to the success of a sales team and very often failures in that system have little to do with the talent or effort of its sales force.

One strategy that can quickly improve the efficiency of a sales team is to map sales territories to balance potential and streamline travel. Using a sophisticated business mapping software system, such as TerrAlign’s territory design and mapping software, managers can design hundreds of optimal territories in minutes with superior results and use built-in digital road networks for realistic call-to-call drive time calculations.

Business mapping software also enables managers to quickly address staffing and sales potential changes, travel issues and other factors that impede the ability of sales reps to do their job efficiently and effectively.

Don’t waste money on unnecessary fuel and travel costs. Invest in business mapping software and quickly improve sales force efficiency.

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