Maximize Sales Performance with eMap(R)

October 30, 2015

eMap Software for Sales Territory ManagementeMap is a Software as a Service (SaaS) sales territory management solution that empowers field sales managers and Sales Operations to collaborate remotely using a standard Internet browser and execute sales territory changes on demand.

Field sales managers can design sales territory changes in real time based on their experience and local knowledge, and higher level management can see and review the recommendations before implementation. No new software or time-consuming training required.

With eMap, sales managers can:

  • Analyze and modify sales territories by zooming and scrolling maps and adding roads, cities, and other reference layers
  • Access and update customer data while interacting with the map
  • Give individual users permissions to view or modify anything from a single sales territory to every region across your sales force
  • View formatted reports and print maps straight from the browser

Streamline the sales territory management process and
Quickly boost sales performance with eMap –
Watch a video now to learn more


Use Business Mapping Software to Speed to the Front of the Pack

April 30, 2015

If your business depends on sales, then it is crucial that your sales force be given the tools and support it needs to maximize efficiency and productivity.  It is not enough to have talented staff – the sales organization must be structured and maintained like a well-oiled machine, with all of the moving parts checked regularly and adjusted to improve performance.

For sales organizations this means mapping business territories to optimize potential.  Urban development, commercial concentration and geography as well as staff experience, talent and relationships impact sales potential.  As political influences, economics and decision-makers shift, so too should the design of sales territories to ensure that the machine is primed and ready to win the race, even in financially challenging and highly competitive times.

TerrAlign’s business mapping software is the high powered engine that can keep your sales organization ahead of the pack.  Sophisticated analytic tools and easy-to-use realignment features let you shift territory boundaries to correspond with changing conditions.  Use real-time data to quickly understand potential and adjust sales goals.  Cut travel time and increase efficiency to maximize penetration and profits.

If your business is not winning the sales race, it is time to replace the engine.  Contact TerrAlign today to learn how our business mapping software can help your sales force speed to the front of the pack.


Rapid ROI Makes TerrAlign a Smart Investment for Pharmaceutical Companies

January 31, 2014

Case Study Illustrates how One Pharmaceuticals Company Paid Back their Investment in Terralign within the First Three Months after Deployment.

The TerrAlign Group, a leading provider of Sales Territory Alignment and Mapping solutions, recently released the results of an independent study by TechValidate that demonstrates how TerrAlign customers quickly improve efficiency and save time through the use of its Sales Territory Management system.

The case study reflects the experience of a Global 500 Pharmaceuticals Company that wanted to improve sales force efficiency and reduce time spent on sales planning and realignment.

The company replaced a competing Sales Territory Management solution with TerrAlign and chose TerrAlign over other vendors for its scalability, web-based realignment capabilities, cost, ease of use, and integration with the existing CRM system.

The company reported that the investment in TerrAlign was paid back within the first three months after deployment and is quoted as saying “our greatest benefit with TerrAlign has been the ease and simplicity of making changes and understanding the impact of those changes.”

Read the case study and learn why TerrAlign’s Sales Territory Alignment and Mapping solutions are a smart investment for pharmaceuticals companies.

Sales Territory Mapping Software – Increase Productivity, Reduce Costs

October 27, 2012

Developed based on customer feedback and years of experience in sales territory management, TerrAlign’s cutting-edge sales territory mapping technology has the power, speed, and flexibility for even the largest, most sophisticated field forces.

Combining ease-of-use with enterprise-level power, our solutions automatically map hundreds of optimal sales territories in minutes with superior results. Sales managers can use the built-in digital road network for realistic drive time calculations during territory optimizations and override geographic mapping assignments on an account by account basis.

TerrAlign’s sales territory mapping software has been created to evolve with the rapidly changing deployment needs of today’s field forces and can help your organization optimize sales potential and reduce costs quickly and easily.

Watch a Video to Learn How You Can Achieve More with TerrAlign’s Sales Territory Mapping Solutions.

Go Green – Cut Travel Costs

July 24, 2012

There are many steps companies can take to go green – turn off computers and electronics when not in use, install motion-sensor lights in restrooms and storage rooms, buy recycled products – the list goes on and on. Simple steps like these are not only good for the environment, but can also improve a company’s bottom line significantly over time.

For companies that spend a lot of money on travel for their employees, going green requires some planning. Tools such as video conferencing may lessen the need for face to face meetings, but often it is the face to face that gets the job done. For example, regional sales managers are typically in charge of large sales territories and need to make the rounds in order to nurture relationships with existing clients and court new ones. How can a company go green and cut travel costs if regular sales calls are vital to the bottom line?

It is not enough to simply limit the number of sales trips or use an online mapping program to plot a route from Point A to Point B. To really go green and substantially reduce unnecessary travel costs, sales managers need to do a thorough sales territory analysis to identify areas of inefficiencies. A comprehensive analysis would ask the questions:

  • How often do the sales reps need to visit each client to maximize ROI?
  • How many sales calls are needed for prospective vs. existing clients?
  • Are the sales territories optimized so that sales potential is maximized?
  • Do we have the right number of reps to achieve high sales performance?
  • Are trips structured to maximize sales force efficiency?

An efficient sales force does not happen by accident. Sales managers need to know how to take apart the engine and understand the nuts and bolts of their sales organization in order to clean the cogs and maximize sales performance.

Unfortunately, to improve sales performance most often managers focus on individual performance rather than delving into the nuts and bolts of the sales process and do not address the source of inefficiencies. If a sales territory is too big or small, or if you don’t have the right number of sales reps, or if sales reps are making too many or too few sales calls, then the problem may not be the individual but rather a failure in the system. Individual performance is sabotaged from the outset.

If your company wants to go green by cutting travel costs and improve sales force efficiency, TerrAlign can help you delve into the sales process and identify inefficiencies. Over the last thirty years we have developed a sophisticated 7-step framework that first assesses and optimizes a company’s processes, then maps sales territories, assigns staff and schedules sales calls to minimize travel time and maximize potential. We can help you take apart the engine, identify areas of inefficiency and streamline the system to minimize travel expenses and get the most out of your sales force.

When frequent travel is a cost of doing business, going green can be challenging. One way to reduce a company’s impact on the environment, and on their bottom line, is to streamline sales processes to cut out inefficiencies and minimize travel expenses.

Help Your Company Go Green by Cutting Travel Costs – Use Terralign’s Sales Force Effectiveness Consulting Services to Identify Inefficiencies and Streamline Sales Processes.

Business Mapping Software

March 29, 2012

Use Business Mapping Software To Quickly Improve Sales Force Efficiency

Rising fuel and travel costs are taking a toll on businesses, and companies are struggling to manage those costs. Sales teams often bear the brunt of these challenges. They are told to sell more and travel less, and then are penalized when they don’t reach their goals.

Most sales teams operate within long-standing, inefficient systems. Many factors contribute to the success of a sales team and very often failures in that system have little to do with the talent or effort of its sales force.

One strategy that can quickly improve the efficiency of a sales team is to map sales territories to balance potential and streamline travel. Using a sophisticated business mapping software system, such as TerrAlign’s territory design and mapping software, managers can design hundreds of optimal territories in minutes with superior results and use built-in digital road networks for realistic call-to-call drive time calculations.

Business mapping software also enables managers to quickly address staffing and sales potential changes, travel issues and other factors that impede the ability of sales reps to do their job efficiently and effectively.

Don’t waste money on unnecessary fuel and travel costs. Invest in business mapping software and quickly improve sales force efficiency.

Optimize Sales Force Deployment and Improve Sales Force Effectiveness

February 28, 2012

At TerrAlign, we are committed to helping companies maximize sales force effectiveness. Since 1987, TerrAlign has led the way in developing sophisticated, customized solutions that optimize sales resources and meet the needs of organizations in every industry. We have an in-depth, down-to-earth understanding of field force deployment challenges and our seasoned consultants have worked with companies in over 30 countries around the world to streamline sales force deployment, increase effectiveness and improve productivity.

In addition to our cutting-edge Sales Territory Management software solutions, TerrAlign offers a full array of field force consulting services that combine analytical prowess, advanced technology and decades of experience. TerrAlign consultants are experts in sales force deployment and we have developed a sophisticated framework structured to first assess and optimize a company’s processes, then map sales territories, assign staff and schedule sales calls to minimize travel time and maximize potential.

TerrAlign consultants can be engaged to meet the needs of your organization. Whether your organization needs a task force for multiple territory reviews with sales managers, a multi-skilled team for extensive size and structure analyses, a-to-z territory realignment missions, or complete sales operations outsourcing, TerrAlign has the resources and expertise needed to improve sales efficiency and streamline sales force deployment.

Learn more about TerrAlign’s approach to optimizing sales force deployment and how small changes in sales territory management can lead to big changes in the bottom line.

Maximize Revenues with Advanced Territory Mapping Software

December 13, 2011

For companies that sell products across the United States, mapping optimal sales territories can be challenging. They must be able to understand and adapt to changing conditions such as business density and revenue potential, and in today’s fast-paced economic environment, having the ability to make changes to sales territories quickly can give a company a leg up on the competition.

Using the right territory mapping tools ensures that sales reps are spending time generating revenue. TerrAlign’s sales territory mapping software has been created to evolve with the rapidly changing deployment needs of today’s field forces and has the power, speed, and flexibility for even the largest, most sophisticated field forces.

TerrAlign 4 combines ease-of-use with enterprise-level power. Automatically map hundreds of optimal sales territories in minutes with superior results. Use the built-in digital road network for realistic drive time calculations during territory mapping optimizations and override geographic mapping assignments on an account by account basis.

Learn how your company can maximize revenues with TerrAlign’s Sales Territory Mapping Solutions.

TerrAlign to Sponsor’s User Conference, Dreamforce ’10

November 30, 2010

Leading Provider of Sales Territory Management Solutions Announces Bronze-level Sponsorship of Industry’s Largest Cloud Computing Event

Reston, VA – November 30, 2010 — The TerrAlign Group, a leading provider of Sales Territory Management solutions, announced today that it will be one of over 250 exhibitors at’s 2010 Dreamforce User Conference. The event will be held December 6-9 in San Francisco, California.

Dreamforce, the industry’s leading global cloud computing event, is focused on inspiring customer, partner and developer success with the transition to Cloud 2. Attendees will learn how to maximize their current investments and explore new offerings across the Sales Cloud, Salesforce CRM, Salesforce Chatter,, AppExchange 2 and more. The conference and exhibition will feature hundreds of partners exhibiting the latest cloud offerings, as well as training sessions, seminars and breakout sessions.

“As a AppExchange partner, this is our 5th year sponsoring Dreamforce and we are thrilled to once again be an exhibitor at this event,” said Ken Kramer, TerrAlign’s Director of Product Marketing & Business Development. “TerrAlign for Salesforce is the only solution that delivers territory alignment capabilities tightly integrated with Saleforce’s CRM solution and we are excited to share this technology with today’s cloud and computing leaders.”

Visit to register.

About is the enterprise cloud computing company. Based on’s real-time, multitenant architecture, the company’s platform and CRM applications have revolutionized the way companies collaborate and communicate with their customers. As of October 31, 2010, manages customer information for approximately 87,200 customers including Allianz Commercial, Dell, Japan Post, Kaiser Permanente, KONE, and SunTrust Banks. has headquarters in San Francisco, with offices in Europe and Asia, and trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol “CRM.” For more information visit

About TerrAlign
The TerrAlign Group provides Sales Performance Management and Sales Resource Optimization software and services to a wide variety of Global 2000 companies. TerrAlign developed the world’s first desktop-based sales territory optimizer over two decades ago and since that time has broadened its offerings and expanded its domain expertise. It is now the first and only software vendor to deliver a Sales Territory Management solution for the Salesforce Platform, is an AppExchange Certified Partner, and is a leading provider of Sales Territory Design and Sales Territory Mapping software. For more information, visit

Improve Sales Performance Management with Territory Optimization

April 29, 2010

Speaking Engagement & Conference Sponsor: Ken Kramer of TerrAlign will be presenting a session entitled, “Adding Value to your SPM Investment with Territory Optimization” at the Varicent User Conference. May 16-19, 2010; Scottsdale, AZ.

The TerrAlign Group is a leading provider of Sales Resource Optimization solutions and services. Products include Sales Territory Design Software, Sales Territory Planning Software and Sales Territory Mapping Software.

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