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September 27, 2010

TerrAlign’s suite of Sales Territory Software Solutions are profiled and reviewed by many partner sites, business directories and news feeds. Here are a few of those mentions:

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Pharmaceutical Sales Territory Management

August 25, 2010

For over 20 years, TerrAlign has been the leading developer of solutions for the design, mapping, optimization and management of pharmaceutical sales territories. Our sales territory management software and SaaS solutions have evolved to keep pace with and anticipate the changing needs of the industry, and we are proud to be the only solutions provider to offer integrated CRM applications for Veeva and Salesforce.

Follow the links to learn more about TerrAlign’s approach to the optimization and alignment of pharmaceutical sales territories:

Grow Sales Revenues through Strategic Territory Alignment

July 28, 2010

White Paper: How to grow sales revenues through more effective territory alignment

Strategically aligning sales territories creates more sales opportunities and increases revenue. Sales reps come and go throughout the year, new products are launched, sales forces are reorganized or companies merge. Territory adjustments, major or minor, must thus be made continually. Read this white paper to learn how you can grow revenues while increasing market share.

You will also learn how to:

  • identify new opportunities for growth
  • quickly evaluate strategic decisions on how to align territories
  • balance territories to make effective use of sales talent
  • avoid common territory-alignment problems
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Software as a Service (SaaS) – Online Sales Territory Alignment

June 21, 2010

TerrAlign, a leading provider of solutions for the planning and management of sales territories, offers a sophisticated web-based sales territory alignment SaaS solution that is designed to meet the information flow needs of field organizations during and after sales territory alignments.

TerrAlign’s eMap uses a Web interface that empowers field personnel with interactive mapping, territory modification, map printing and report generation capabilities. It also serves as a management channel for updating sales representatives with the latest sales territory alignment changes and account information.

Learn how your company can benefit from eMap, TerrAlign’s Sales Territory Alignment SaaS Solution

SaaS CRM Conference

April 29, 2010

Conference Sponsor: TerrAlign is a sponsor of the Veeva Systems User Conference to be held on May 11-12, 2010 at The Four Seasons Hotel in Philadelphia.

The TerrAlign Group is a leading provider of Sales Territory Management solutions and services. Products include Sales Territory Alignment Software, Sales Territory Optimization Software and Sales Territory Management Software for Salesforce.

Interview: Creating a Culture of Measurement through Territory Alignment

March 30, 2010

TerrAlign’s Ken Kramer was interviewed recently by Gerhard Gschwandtner of Selling Power TV. Topics discussed during the interview, titled “Creating a Culture of Measurement through Territory Alignment,” include when, why and how often sales territories should be realigned to ensure that opportunities are optimally distributed and sales and performance are maximized.

Click to watch the interview and learn how to maximize sales performance using sales territory alignment strategies.
TerrAlign is a leading provider of Sales Territory Alignment and Sales Territory Optimization Solutions.

Sales Territory Alignment

February 12, 2010

Sales territory alignment is a critical factor in the performance of your company’s sales team. If your sales territories are not optimally aligned, your sales reps may be spending unnecessary time traveling. Or, if sales territory mapping is such that one sales rep has too many prospects and another has too few, sales will be lost and overall performance will suffer.

TerrAlign’s sales territory alignment software allows companies to quickly and easily realign sales territories to maximize performance. Whether you are looking for enterprise sales territory alignment software or a Software as a Service solution, TerrAlign has what you need to optimize sales resources and maximize sales performance.

Learn more about TerrAlign’s Sales Territory Alignment Software.

Selling Power Interviews Ken Kramer of TerrAlign

January 22, 2010

In a recent interview with Selling Power, Ken Kramer, Director of Product Marketing & Business Development at TerrAlign discussed performance management and territory alignment.

Click to watch the interview: “Creating a Culture of Measurement through Territory Alignment

TerrAlign’s Ken Kramer Interviewed by SellingPower

January 22, 2010

Ken Kramer, the Director of Product Marketing & Business Development at TerrAlign was recently interviewed by Selling Power.

Click to watch the interview: “Sales Success through Territory Alignment

Territory Alignment and Sales Performance

June 16, 2009

QuickTake: Ventana Research reviews the importance of creating and aligning sales territories to maximize the performance of a sales organization. TerrAlign’s territory alignment products, TerrAlign 4 and eMap are named as solutions that can help organizations optimize sales potential through territory alignment.

Read the QuickTake (PDF) and learn more about TerrAlign’s Territory Alignment Products.

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