Thomson Financial Improves Sales Territory Management with TerrAlign

February 23, 2017

For a Large Enterprise Financial Services company like Thomson Financial, strategically managing the sales force across the organization and ensuring that resources are optimized can be difficult. When the company decided that an overhaul was needed, they chose TerrAlign for its best in class realignment tools and superior ease of use and optimization capabilities.


Read the case study to learn how large financial services companies can improve Sales Territory Management with TerrAlign.

TerrAlign Reduces the Business Costs of Healthcare Delivery

April 30, 2014

Case Study Illustrates how One Healthcare Company Cut Costs and Quickly Increased Sales Force Efficiency with TerrAlign

This case study reflects the experience of a large enterprise health care company that wanted to reduce the time spent managing the territory alignment process, improve sales force efficiency, and integrate sales territory management with the existing CRM system.

The company chose TerrAlign over other vendors to fill the gaps in their sales territory mapping processes and cited its ease of use, manual realignment tools, and compatibility with existing technologies as top buying drivers.

Read the case study to learn how your company can improve sales force efficiency with TerrAlign.

Rapid ROI Makes TerrAlign a Smart Choice for Consumer Products Companies

April 30, 2014

Case study shows how one Global 500 Consumer Products Company increased revenue and paid back their investment in TerrAlign within 12-18 months.

Independent research conducted by TechValidate illustrates the experience of one consumer products company that chose TerrAlign over other vendors for its performance, scalability, and reporting capabilities.

With TerrAlign’s Sales Territory Alignment and Optimization solutions, the company increased revenue, reduced sales headcount, and cut time in the realignment process and reported that their investment in TerrAlign as paid back within 12-18 months.

Read the case study and learn how your company can quickly increase revenues with TerrAlign’s sales territory alignment solutions.

Financial Services Companies Increase Sales Force Efficiency with TerrAlign

April 30, 2014

Case study shows how one large enterprise financial services company used TerrAlign to maximize resources, cut time aligning territories and making changes, and increase sales force efficiency.

In an independent study conducted by TechValidate, this TerrAlign customer reported increased sales force efficiency, reduced time managing the territory alignment process, optimized resources, and improved quota allocation and balance of incentive compensation payments.

Read the case study and learn how your company can increase sales force efficiency with TerrAlign.

Rapid ROI Makes TerrAlign a Smart Investment for Pharmaceutical Companies

January 31, 2014

Case Study Illustrates how One Pharmaceuticals Company Paid Back their Investment in Terralign within the First Three Months after Deployment.

The TerrAlign Group, a leading provider of Sales Territory Alignment and Mapping solutions, recently released the results of an independent study by TechValidate that demonstrates how TerrAlign customers quickly improve efficiency and save time through the use of its Sales Territory Management system.

The case study reflects the experience of a Global 500 Pharmaceuticals Company that wanted to improve sales force efficiency and reduce time spent on sales planning and realignment.

The company replaced a competing Sales Territory Management solution with TerrAlign and chose TerrAlign over other vendors for its scalability, web-based realignment capabilities, cost, ease of use, and integration with the existing CRM system.

The company reported that the investment in TerrAlign was paid back within the first three months after deployment and is quoted as saying “our greatest benefit with TerrAlign has been the ease and simplicity of making changes and understanding the impact of those changes.”

Read the case study and learn why TerrAlign’s Sales Territory Alignment and Mapping solutions are a smart investment for pharmaceuticals companies.

Optimize Sales Force Deployment and Improve Sales Force Effectiveness

February 28, 2012

At TerrAlign, we are committed to helping companies maximize sales force effectiveness. Since 1987, TerrAlign has led the way in developing sophisticated, customized solutions that optimize sales resources and meet the needs of organizations in every industry. We have an in-depth, down-to-earth understanding of field force deployment challenges and our seasoned consultants have worked with companies in over 30 countries around the world to streamline sales force deployment, increase effectiveness and improve productivity.

In addition to our cutting-edge Sales Territory Management software solutions, TerrAlign offers a full array of field force consulting services that combine analytical prowess, advanced technology and decades of experience. TerrAlign consultants are experts in sales force deployment and we have developed a sophisticated framework structured to first assess and optimize a company’s processes, then map sales territories, assign staff and schedule sales calls to minimize travel time and maximize potential.

TerrAlign consultants can be engaged to meet the needs of your organization. Whether your organization needs a task force for multiple territory reviews with sales managers, a multi-skilled team for extensive size and structure analyses, a-to-z territory realignment missions, or complete sales operations outsourcing, TerrAlign has the resources and expertise needed to improve sales efficiency and streamline sales force deployment.

Learn more about TerrAlign’s approach to optimizing sales force deployment and how small changes in sales territory management can lead to big changes in the bottom line.

Sales Territory Management Videos

October 24, 2011

Are you a sales manager looking for advice on how to better manage your sales territories? Do you believe that your sales reps are underperforming and need strategies for boosting performance?

The TerrAlign Group has been helping companies optimize sales resources for more than 20 years. We are committed to providing organizations the tools they need to maximize sales performance and are excited to announce the new Sales Territory Management Videos section of This portal features free videos featuring news, interviews and reviews that will increase your ability to reach your goals and get the most out of your sales initiatives.

Videos include:

Visit the Sales Territory Management Videos Portal Today to Learn Strategies that Improve Sales Performance.


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