Top Tech Companies Announce Online Event With Solutions to Accelerate Your Sales

October 12, 2016


At this year’s Sales Acceleration Technology Summit , 25 of the brightest minds in sales technology will reveal the opportunities and solutions they use to increase revenues.

This summit will consist of a rapidfire series of online presentations all on one day, Thursday, October 20th. Last year’s event attracted more than 6,500 registrants, and the upcoming event promises more solutions than ever before.

The purpose of this summit is to help potential users of sales acceleration technology learn more about the latest tools, opportunities and solutions that are helping companies sell faster.

What would you be willing to pay for the chance to hear and see 15-30 minute TEDlike
talks from esteemed guests from companies like, Microsoft and TerrAlign What if those talks were made available for you to listen to at any time?

Put your wallets away. This virtual event is free of charge for anyone to attend, thanks to our wonderful sponsors: Salesforce, Microsoft, Consensus, Marketo, Apttus, Domo, ExecVision, Outro, AAISP, CloudCraze, MapAnything, MarketSource, SBS Group, Power Objects and CRM Manager.

Registrants can listen live, pop in and out of sessions and access recordings at any time
throughout the day.

Click here to register and see speaker agenda details.

It’s shaping up to be one of the best online events of the year for the sales industry.

Follow #SalesSummit on social media and join in on the conversation.

We look forward to seeing you there!


Dreamforce ’16 – Visit TerrAlign @ Booth #2111

October 7, 2016


Stop by TerrAlign’s booth #2111 at Dreamforce and let our experts show you how you can maximize sales performance with TerrAlign’s cutting-edge Sales Territory Management solutions.

Small Healthcare Companies Gain Competitive Advantage with TerrAlign Sales Territory Management Solutions

July 29, 2016

Healthcare companies are under tremendous pressure to do more with less. For large organizations with entrenched, long-established systems, implementing significant changes to business practices can take years but for small companies looking to stake their claim, remaining nimble and flexible are key to their ability to compete and thrive.

For one small, growing healthcare company, success brought with it a strain on their sales force. They quickly recognized that their homegrown systems needed a revamp, and they looked to TerrAlign to improve their sales territory management processes.


Read the case study to learn how small healthcare companies can gain competitive advantage with TerrAlign’s Sales Territory Management Solutions


Thanks for Another Great Year at Dreamforce!

September 21, 2015


Thanks to all who visited booth #N1934 and
Congratulations to Francis from AmerisourceBergen,
Winner of the X Rover Self-Balancing Scooter.

Another Great Year @Dreamforce – Thanks Salesforce!

Accelerate Your Sales Productivity – Learn about TerrAlign at Dreamforce ’15

September 16, 2015

Learn about TerrAlign’s Sales Territory Management Solutions and Sales Force Consulting Services at’s User Conference, Dreamforce ’15 September 15-18 in San Francisco, CA.

Booth #N1934, Cloud Expo North

Visit our booth and learn how your sales organization can accelerate productivity and performance through strategic sales territory management.

Attend a Webinar and Learn about Strategic Sales Call Planning

May 11, 2015

Few companies would discourage salespeople from making sales calls, even when sales effort reaches the point of diminishing returns. But that’s exactly the right thing to do, when incremental activity no longer correlates with incremental sales. Response curves help management determine how many sales calls – or other sorts of selling activity – will optimize results.

Join TerrAlign and the Sales Management Association on June 3rd as they present:

Curve Your Enthusiasm
JUNE 03, 2015
2:00-3:00pm (EST)

TerrAlign’s Ken Kramer, VP, Sales & Marketing and Jamie Baker, Director, Vision Care will offer insight into:

  • Response curve basics
  • How response curves contribute to sales organizations’ data-driven decision making
  • Benefits of optimizing sales force activity

Register now and learn how to optimize sales call plans and maximize results.



Improve Sales Call Planning with TerrAlign

January 30, 2015

Managing sales call plans can be a difficult task. Many organizations use spreadsheets and homegrown systems that are disorganized, time-consuming and inefficient.  With TerrAlign’s sales resource optimization solutions, there is a better way.

Independent research conducted by TechValidate illustrates the experience of one Large Enterprise Professional Services Company that chose TerrAlign over competitive platforms for its strategic approach to resource optimization and Salesforce integration capabilities.

With TerrAlign, the company has streamlined sales call planning and realized positive changes to sales headcount and revenues.

Read the case study and learn how your company can improve sales call planning and quickly increase revenues with TerrAlign’s sales resource optimization solutions.


Strategic Sales Resource Optimization: Improved Coverage, Balanced Workload and Increased Revenue

November 26, 2014

Case study shows how one Medium Enterprise Consumer Products Company increased revenue and paid back their investment in TerrAlign within 12-18 months.

Independent research conducted by TechValidate illustrates the experience of one consumer products company that chose TerrAlign over other vendors for its performance, optimization, and reporting capabilities.

With TerrAlign’s strategic Sales Territory Optimization and Management solutions, the company improved sales force efficiency, increased competitiveness in its target markets and balanced quotas and incentives to maximize performance.

Read the case study and learn how your company can quickly increase revenues with TerrAlign’s sales territory optimization and management solutions.

Your Sales Force Can Reach Peak Performance with TerrAlign’s Sales Force Consulting Services

August 1, 2014

For sales reps, it is all about the numbers – quotas, deadlines, commissions. And for some, their ability to make the numbers seems limitless. The rookies think these hunters are gods, their powers of persuasion surpassing mortal ability.  They look on with envy and admiration as they struggle through every phone call and negotiation.

Management too may view their sales force through rose-colored lenses, shining a bright light on those that exude charisma and confidence while leaving others in the shadows, waiting for the next star to come along.

While it is true that many of these hunters have a talent for closing, very often the obstacle which prevents a sales force from maximizing performance has less to do with the sales team and more to do with the sales organization.

Are your best sales reps assigned to the regions with the most potential? Of course they are.  The real question is, are they ignoring the low hanging fruit and harvesting only the cream of the crop?

TerrAlign has been in the business of sales territory management for over twenty years and knows how to look behind the curtain.  Assigning your stars to the most fruitful regions is par for the course, however if your sales force size, sales territories, and call plans are not strategically analyzed and optimized, then your sales force will fall short of peak performance.  Without a carefully planned sales organization, you may be unwittingly sabotaging the rookies and worshiping mere mortals.

The expert consultants at TerrAlign can help your sales force harvest unrealized potential and reach peak performance. Our sophisticated approach to sales force optimization combines analytical prowess, advanced technology and decades of experience. TerrAlign’s sales force consultants have developed a sophisticated framework structured to first assess and optimize a company’s processes, then map sales territories, assign staff and schedule sales calls to minimize travel time and maximize effectiveness.

It’s time to look behind the curtain. Contact TerrAlign’s sales force consultants today and learn how your team can harvest unrealized potential and reach peak performance.

Rapid ROI Makes TerrAlign a Smart Choice for Consumer Products Companies

April 30, 2014

Case study shows how one Global 500 Consumer Products Company increased revenue and paid back their investment in TerrAlign within 12-18 months.

Independent research conducted by TechValidate illustrates the experience of one consumer products company that chose TerrAlign over other vendors for its performance, scalability, and reporting capabilities.

With TerrAlign’s Sales Territory Alignment and Optimization solutions, the company increased revenue, reduced sales headcount, and cut time in the realignment process and reported that their investment in TerrAlign as paid back within 12-18 months.

Read the case study and learn how your company can quickly increase revenues with TerrAlign’s sales territory alignment solutions.

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