Electronics Companies Gain a Competitive Edge with TerrAlign’s Sales Territory Planning Solutions

In the fast-moving field of consumer electronics, sales teams work hard to stay ahead of the pack. As each company advances in the market share race, the competition eagerly seizes every opportunity to surge ahead.

These companies have no time for inefficiencies. Survival depends on continuous quality improvement at every stage, from R&D to assembly to distribution.  Companies that tolerate inefficiencies never make it to the finish line.

TerrAlign understands the rules of the game.  Do it better, faster, cheaper – or someone else will.   An expert in the field of sales territory management, TerrAlign knows what the sales force needs to stay in the lead and has the deep industry knowledge necessary to give electronics companies that competitive edge.

The following case study illustrates the experience of one TerrAlign customer, a Global 500 Electronics Company, that recognized the need for a more efficient and streamlined sales force.  The company chose TerrAlign over competitive solutions for its integration and collaboration capabilities. Using TerrAlign’s Sales Territory Planning solutions, the company quickly increased efficiency, cut time in the planning and realignment processes, and paid back their investment in TerrAlign within 12-18 months.

Gain a Competitive Edge with TerrAlign's Sales Territory Planning Solutions

Read the case study to learn how electronics companies can improve sales force efficiency and gain a competitive edge with TerrAlign’s Sales Territory Planning solutions.


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