Use Business Mapping Software to Speed to the Front of the Pack

If your business depends on sales, then it is crucial that your sales force be given the tools and support it needs to maximize efficiency and productivity.  It is not enough to have talented staff – the sales organization must be structured and maintained like a well-oiled machine, with all of the moving parts checked regularly and adjusted to improve performance.

For sales organizations this means mapping business territories to optimize potential.  Urban development, commercial concentration and geography as well as staff experience, talent and relationships impact sales potential.  As political influences, economics and decision-makers shift, so too should the design of sales territories to ensure that the machine is primed and ready to win the race, even in financially challenging and highly competitive times.

TerrAlign’s business mapping software is the high powered engine that can keep your sales organization ahead of the pack.  Sophisticated analytic tools and easy-to-use realignment features let you shift territory boundaries to correspond with changing conditions.  Use real-time data to quickly understand potential and adjust sales goals.  Cut travel time and increase efficiency to maximize penetration and profits.

If your business is not winning the sales race, it is time to replace the engine.  Contact TerrAlign today to learn how our business mapping software can help your sales force speed to the front of the pack.


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