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Use Business Mapping Software To Quickly Improve Sales Force Efficiency

Rising fuel and travel costs are taking a toll on businesses, and companies are struggling to manage those costs. Sales teams often bear the brunt of these challenges. They are told to sell more and travel less, and then are penalized when they don’t reach their goals.

Most sales teams operate within long-standing, inefficient systems. Many factors contribute to the success of a sales team and very often failures in that system have little to do with the talent or effort of its sales force.

One strategy that can quickly improve the efficiency of a sales team is to map sales territories to balance potential and streamline travel. Using a sophisticated business mapping software system, such as TerrAlign’s territory design and mapping software, managers can design hundreds of optimal territories in minutes with superior results and use built-in digital road networks for realistic call-to-call drive time calculations.

Business mapping software also enables managers to quickly address staffing and sales potential changes, travel issues and other factors that impede the ability of sales reps to do their job efficiently and effectively.

Don’t waste money on unnecessary fuel and travel costs. Invest in business mapping software and quickly improve sales force efficiency.

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