Sales Territory Management Software

From time to time, the support staff at TerrAlign receives product questions that may be of interest to others that are researching sales territory management solutions. Here is one of those questions…


I manage the sales force of a machinery manufacturing company. I am looking for sales territory management software that will allow me to redesign sales territories in response to shifts in the revenue-generating potential of geographic regions. Is TerrAlign’s territory management software designed to meet the needs of my industry?


TerrAlign is committed to understanding and serving the needs of sales organizations in every industry. Historically, territory management software has been used by pharmaceutical and medical organizations to create and manage sales territories in order to maximize sales and revenues. However, companies in other industries are increasingly seeking out territory management software and solutions so they too can benefit from the strategic advantages offered by these products.

TerrAlign’s territory management software is designed to dynamically realign sales territories to cut travel time, maximize resources, improve productivity and increase profits. As the revenue-generating potential of geographic regions shifts in response to economic factors, TerrAlign’s territory management software will allow you to easily redesign and manage sales territories to maximize sales productivity and revenues.

Contact us today to learn more about how your company can benefit from TerrAlign’s sales territory management software and solutions.

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