Nancy Nardin and Ken Kramer Interview @DF18 – Increase Sales Performance with TerrAlign

October 1, 2018


Learn how your company can increase sales performance with TerrAlign’s cutting-edge Sales Territory Management Solutions in this interview with Nancy Nardin at Dreamforce ’18.



Dreamforce ’18 – Visit TerrAlign @ Booth #1728

August 13, 2018


Bronze Sponsor:’s User Conference, Dreamforce ’18
Booth #1728
September 25-28, 2018, San Francisco, CA


Stop by booth #1728 at Dreamforce and let our experts show you how you can maximize sales performance with TerrAlign’s cutting-edge Sales Territory Management solutions.

Industrial Manufacturing Companies Improve Sales Force Efficiency with TerrAlign’s Sales Territory Management

June 8, 2018

For many industrial manufacturing companies, the decision to invest in technology can be difficult. At LION, when it became clear that gaps in workload and sales potential were preventing the sales team from reaching their goals, the company chose TerrAlign’s strategic Sales Territory Management system, resulting in significant improvements in sales force efficiency as well as an increased ability to compete in desired markets.

Read the case study and learn how industrial manufacturing companies can improve sales force efficiency with TerrAlign’s
Sales Territory Management Solutions

TerrAlign Announces Management Team Promotions

March 1, 2018


Newly Formed Team Ready to Lead Company and Execute its Growth Plan

February 21, 2018 (Herndon, VA) – The TerrAlign Group, the leading, best of breed provider of Sales Resource Optimization solutions, is pleased to announce the formation of an expanded Executive Management team. The team has been formed from promotions within the organization and is comprised of Ken Kramer, President; David Hanlin, Vice President, Operations; and Chris Oosthuizen, Vice President, Software Engineering.

Ken Kramer has been with TerrAlign for over ten years. He joined to develop and drive our marketing and partnership strategies and most recently served as our Vice President, Sales & Marketing. Throughout his leadership in this role, TerrAlign has continued to grow our customer base and bring revenues to our highest levels. In his new role as President, he will have company-wide responsibility for strategy, growth and profitability.

David Hanlin has been with TerrAlign for close to twenty years. He joined our Services organization and has since performed virtually every function in that group over the past two decades and has hired and trained every member of the current team. As Vice President, Operations, his role will be expanded further to oversee our internal corporate operations as well as our Services group.

Chris Oosthuizen, has been with TerrAlign for ten years, leading our software development efforts. He brings with him over twenty years of experience in software development, including coding, project management, and significant experience in establishing policies, processes and procedures to benefit the end product. As Vice President, Software Engineering, he will oversee the launch of our next generation platform and join the management team in making corporate decisions.

Jim Brown, former President of TerrAlign, and now Executive Director, stated, “With over 40 combined years of experience at TerrAlign, alone, I have the utmost confidence that this team can continue the legacy of delivering the best sales resource optimization solutions on the market to leading enterprises across all industries.” He went on to say, “The combination of their professionalism, expertise, and vision will undoubtedly lead to better solutions, more clients and great opportunities for a growing team of employees.”

“As a leading developer of Sales Territory Optimization solutions, for the past thirty years, we have the best technology, best partners and best employees in the space” said Ken Kramer. “I am honored and humbled with the increased level of responsibility for the company. I have believed in this technology since the first partnership I did with Jim in the 1990’s. He was great to work with then, as well as for over the past ten years, and I greatly appreciate this opportunity to continue helping to grow our organization while providing excellent solutions and support to our clients.”

About TerrAlign
The TerrAlign Group ( provides Sales Resource Optimization software and services to a wide variety of Global 2000 companies. TerrAlign developed the world’s first desktop-based sales territory optimizer over two decades ago and since that time has broadened its offerings and expanded its domain expertise. It is now the first and only software vendor to deliver a Sales Territory Management solution for the Salesforce Platform, is an AppExchange Certified Partner, and is a leading provider of Sales Territory Alignment and Sales Territory Mapping software, serving companies in every industry, all over the world.



Register for the January 25 Webcast “End-to-End Territory Management Strategy”

January 15, 2018



End-to-End Territory Management Strategy
Thursday, January 25, 2018
2:00 pm – 3:00 pm • Eastern Time (UTC-5)



In sales organizations where salespeople come and go, and sales strategies change each year, often the only constant is change. But management is still expected to profitably grow revenues each year, often without additional resources or budget.

In such environments, territory management serves as an essential tool for sales operations and sales leadership. It directs where salespeople should be located, sales territory design, and tactical action plans to optimize territory value.

In this webinar hosted by The Sales Management Association, you’ll learn why territory management is a critical management tool; core territory planning techniques; and how to use effective territory planning as a springboard to flawless sales execution.

Ken Kramer, VP, Sales & Marketing at the TerrAlign Group and Eric Baird, Vice President of Channel Development at Geopointe LLC will also offer nuts-and-bolts instructions for administering territories, accounts, and salespeople assignments in CRM.




Case Study: Territory Optimization – No More Drawing Maps by Hand

December 18, 2017

By Eugene So, OpenSymmetry
This blog post originally appeared on OpenSymmetry’s blog and is reprinted with permission.

As common to many organizations of their size, territory optimization seemed like an unsolvable challenge for Cox Automotive’s sales team. With a constantly growing sales force and ever-shifting market landscape, there was a critical need for a data-driven approach to territory optimization to proportionally distribute opportunities across performers of all levels. This approach would need to be fueled by continuous feedback from the sales team while also supported by cold, hard numbers.

Before: Hours of drawing maps by hand

Cox Automotive once used a manual territory management tool tied to their compensation process to draw new territories by hand. Lauren Taronji, Sales Compensation Analyst at Manheim, the largest subsidiary of Cox Automotive, described it as a grueling process. “It would take hours to work through the territories because each one was drawn by hand. You would circle a ZIP Code and see how many accounts were in there. You drew circle after circle after circle, exporting it into Excel and creating pivot tables just to know how many accounts one person had – and we had hundreds of sales reps.”

“It was awful and time consuming, and you didn’t even end up with great territories anyway. Sales leaders have no time to sit and do that all day.”
– Lauren Taronji, Sales Compensation Analyst at Manheim

Ultimately, drawing territories was arbitrary as number of accounts were distributed evenly but the productivity of each account was an unknown. Taronji explains, “You’re throwing darts at a board and hoping for the best. One person may have X number of accounts in just one city, and another may have the same number of accounts across three states. How do we know each rep had the same opportunity to visit all of their clients? What if one client brings in 100 cars for one rep, but another rep has a ton of clients that don’t bring in any business?”

In tandem: Segmenting the sales team

While considering a new tool for territory management, Cox Automotive’s sales compensation team also saw the need for segmenting the sales team to make the most impact out of optimizing territory distribution. The state of the sales team was that there were two main segments – inside sales and field sales. Inside sales tackled lower tier accounts, while field sales had the higher tier, higher yield accounts – but there were no real rules around how accounts were distributed.

Pulling in leaders from sales, sales effectiveness, and finance, the sales compensation team had several sessions where they took data from the advanced analytics team and scored accounts by three main criteria – frequency of transactions, opportunity score, and volume tier. By looking at the data, they concluded that inside and field segments was not as impactful as segments based on account behavior. The sales team would now be segmented into three categories: the “grow” team, focused on businesses with high growth potential; the “manage” team, focused on current accounts with maxed out potential but a need for nurturing; and the “discover” team, focused on identifying new opportunities. Now, with more sophisticated account and sales team segmentations, territory distribution could be calibrated to a more precise degree.

The process: SPM configured for high visibility and on-the-road calculations

The sales compensation arm of Cox Automotive ultimately selected a new, dynamic territory optimization tool from TerrAlign as part of their overall Sales Performance Management (SPM) strategy. In the TerrAlign software, Cox Automotive pulled account data and mapped it on a virtual map with high visibility and fast responsiveness. Not only could maps be easily drawn to show how many accounts were in each proposed territory, but the TerrAlign tool also provided calculations such as territory drive time and estimated time required to talk to different client types.

According to Taronji, “We were now able to see what we’re asking of the sales reps – how much time they need to spend behind the wheel and how long it takes to talk to a client. For example, let’s say it takes a ‘grow’ rep 20 minutes to talk to a client in his segment. If you want him to talk to each of his clients once a month, adding in drive time between clients, TerrAlign lets us calculate how much time we’re asking of them for the month.”

The process was not always smooth-going. These were big changes, and the sales reps were not quite happy about it all. “Our sales reps’ main business is the car auction business. In auctions, it’s already a little old-fashioned and people are quite comfortable printing their run lists rather than doing it online,” explains Taronji. “So getting their buy-in would take some work and communication. We didn’t want them to think that we were going to take our own data-driven approach and shove it down their throats. It needed to be a partnership.” To do this the sales compensation team was intentional in bringing the sales team in early and getting feedback throughout the process as they first started to consider a new territory tool and segmentation strategy. Ultimately, the sales team was the “feet on the street” that would provide information that the new tools couldn’t, such as accounts wrongly labeled “manage” when they should be “grow” accounts. As the sales team was brought into the project they provided valuable feedback and were won over in the process.

“Ultimately, we came out of the other end of it all with a TerrAlign product that was 100 times better than what we had before, and it only took half the time as our previous system. What once took three sales compensation analysts months to do, we could now do with one person in the course of a month, even after we acquired 100 new sales reps.”
– Lauren Taronji

After: Sales comp a career path, not a desk job

“I can’t believe how far we’ve come in this time. I used to think, how could we improve? How can we automate any of it? Now here we are, a year later. I can go on vacation now! I used to be so nervous going on vacation, being stressed out the entire time, thinking, ‘What’s falling apart while I’m gone?’ It’s crazy how far we’ve come,” said Taronji.

With TerrAlign in place, the sales compensation team cut their time creating new territories in half. Optimized segments were in place, accounts were distributed for maximum impact, and sales managers now had the visibility needed to quickly adapt to new information and changes in the sales team.

According to Taronji, not only did the process improve for sales reps, but it made a huge difference on the sales ops side as well. “My job as a sales compensation analyst used to be focused on Excel and pivot tables, a lot of head-down kind of days, grinding through the data. Now, I have the opportunity to be creative and inquisitive, and genuinely make a difference. I now feel like I have an actual career path and am truly engaged in my work on a day-to-day basis.”

Is the path to improvement over? Cox Automotive says, not yet. On their relentless drive to become an unstoppable sales force, the Cox Automotive sales ops team continues to improve efficiencies in the territory optimization process, including a streamlined approvals process and automating data feeds from their CRM system.

Contact us today to learn how your sales team can cut time, maximize opportunities and streamline the Sales Territory Management process with TerrAlign.

Dreamforce ’17 – Visit TerrAlign @ Booth #243

October 30, 2017


Stop by booth #243 at Dreamforce and let our experts show you how you can maximize sales performance with TerrAlign’s cutting-edge Sales Territory Management solutions.

Stay Ahead of the Curve with Sales Territory Management Solutions from TerrAlign

September 8, 2017

For over thirty years, TerrAlign has been helping companies get the most out of their sales force.  It is not enough to offer great Sales Territory Management tools – TerrAlign’s investment in research, innovation and wrap around support ensure that customers have access to the latest best practices and can stay ahead of the curve over the long term as strategies and technologies change.

For this customer, a Medium Enterprise Consumer Products Company, partnering with TerrAlign has enabled a sophisticated approach to Sales Territory Management that ensures balanced sales territories and allows forecasting through analysis of what-if scenarios:


Learn how your company can stay ahead of the curve and improve
Sales Territory Management over the long term with TerrAlign.

Metagenics Chooses TerrAlign for Pharmaceutical Sales Territory Management

July 26, 2017

For a Medium Enterprise Pharmaceuticals Company like Metagenics, optimizing sales resources and gaining market share are imperatives for survival. When it became clear that the company’s organic approach to sales force management was inadequate to meet these imperatives, they chose TerrAlign’s Sales Territory Management system for its ease of use and best-in-class optimization and manual realignment tools.


Read the case study to learn how pharmaceutical companies improve sales force efficiency and gain competitive advantage with TerrAlign’s Sales Territory Management Solutions.

Thomson Financial Improves Sales Territory Management with TerrAlign

February 23, 2017

For a Large Enterprise Financial Services company like Thomson Financial, strategically managing the sales force across the organization and ensuring that resources are optimized can be difficult. When the company decided that an overhaul was needed, they chose TerrAlign for its best in class realignment tools and superior ease of use and optimization capabilities.


Read the case study to learn how large financial services companies can improve Sales Territory Management with TerrAlign.

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