Thomson Financial Improves Sales Territory Management with TerrAlign

February 23, 2017

For a Large Enterprise Financial Services company like Thomson Financial, strategically managing the sales force across the organization and ensuring that resources are optimized can be difficult. When the company decided that an overhaul was needed, they chose TerrAlign for its best in class realignment tools and superior ease of use and optimization capabilities.


Read the case study to learn how large financial services companies can improve Sales Territory Management with TerrAlign.

Top Tech Companies Announce Online Event With Solutions to Accelerate Your Sales

October 12, 2016


At this year’s Sales Acceleration Technology Summit , 25 of the brightest minds in sales technology will reveal the opportunities and solutions they use to increase revenues.

This summit will consist of a rapidfire series of online presentations all on one day, Thursday, October 20th. Last year’s event attracted more than 6,500 registrants, and the upcoming event promises more solutions than ever before.

The purpose of this summit is to help potential users of sales acceleration technology learn more about the latest tools, opportunities and solutions that are helping companies sell faster.

What would you be willing to pay for the chance to hear and see 15-30 minute TEDlike
talks from esteemed guests from companies like, Microsoft and TerrAlign What if those talks were made available for you to listen to at any time?

Put your wallets away. This virtual event is free of charge for anyone to attend, thanks to our wonderful sponsors: Salesforce, Microsoft, Consensus, Marketo, Apttus, Domo, ExecVision, Outro, AAISP, CloudCraze, MapAnything, MarketSource, SBS Group, Power Objects and CRM Manager.

Registrants can listen live, pop in and out of sessions and access recordings at any time
throughout the day.

Click here to register and see speaker agenda details.

It’s shaping up to be one of the best online events of the year for the sales industry.

Follow #SalesSummit on social media and join in on the conversation.

We look forward to seeing you there!


Dreamforce ’16 – Visit TerrAlign @ Booth #2111

October 7, 2016


Stop by TerrAlign’s booth #2111 at Dreamforce and let our experts show you how you can maximize sales performance with TerrAlign’s cutting-edge Sales Territory Management solutions.

Small Healthcare Companies Gain Competitive Advantage with TerrAlign Sales Territory Management Solutions

July 29, 2016

Healthcare companies are under tremendous pressure to do more with less. For large organizations with entrenched, long-established systems, implementing significant changes to business practices can take years but for small companies looking to stake their claim, remaining nimble and flexible are key to their ability to compete and thrive.

For one small, growing healthcare company, success brought with it a strain on their sales force. They quickly recognized that their homegrown systems needed a revamp, and they looked to TerrAlign to improve their sales territory management processes.


Read the case study to learn how small healthcare companies can gain competitive advantage with TerrAlign’s Sales Territory Management Solutions


Health Care Companies Improve Sales Force Efficiency with TerrAlign

February 16, 2016

With the costs of health care rising, health care companies are under tremendous pressure to find smarter, more efficient ways to do business.  The competition is fierce and companies that fail to innovate quickly fall behind.

TerrAlign is in the business of innovation and understands the challenges faced by companies in the health care industry – extend the network and increase market share while setting the standard in delivering exceptional, affordable health care.  For over 30 years, TerrAlign has been partnering with companies to accelerate their ability to increase their networks and capture market share.  When the competition is high, sales teams must be able to quickly respond to changes in market conditions and TerrAlign’s Sales Territory Management solutions empower sales teams to meet and exceed their goals.

Health Care Company Sales Territory Management

A case study illustrates the experience of one TerrAlign customer, an S&P 500 Health Care Company.   In an dependent survey, this company reported that prior to the deployment of TerrAlign’s Sales Territory Management system, their sales territories were managed using a combination of spreadsheets and a competing sales territory management solution.  Over time they realized that their practices were not only cumbersome and time consuming, but they were also sabotaging the company’s ability to capture market share.

With TerrAlign, the company reports that they now have the tools needed to quickly make adjustments to sales territories, assign sales reps based on volume and potential, and strategically use sales resources to their fullest.

Read the case study to learn how health care companies can maximize sales territory management and improve sales force efficiency with TerrAlign.


Maximize Sales Performance with eMap(R)

October 30, 2015

eMap Software for Sales Territory ManagementeMap is a Software as a Service (SaaS) sales territory management solution that empowers field sales managers and Sales Operations to collaborate remotely using a standard Internet browser and execute sales territory changes on demand.

Field sales managers can design sales territory changes in real time based on their experience and local knowledge, and higher level management can see and review the recommendations before implementation. No new software or time-consuming training required.

With eMap, sales managers can:

  • Analyze and modify sales territories by zooming and scrolling maps and adding roads, cities, and other reference layers
  • Access and update customer data while interacting with the map
  • Give individual users permissions to view or modify anything from a single sales territory to every region across your sales force
  • View formatted reports and print maps straight from the browser

Streamline the sales territory management process and
Quickly boost sales performance with eMap –
Watch a video now to learn more


Meet Us at SMA’s 2015 Sales Force Productivity Conference

October 2, 2015

TerrAlign is proud to be a Gold Sponsor of this year’s

Sales Management Association’s Sales Force Productivity Conference
October 12-14, 2015 • Atlanta, GA

Attend workshops led by customers DocuSign and hibu and learn how they streamlined processes and gained powerful insight into opportunity analysis, territory assignments and sales performance with TerrAlign.

Schedule a time to meet with an expert in Sales Territory Management and learn how your company can boost sales productivity with TerrAlign.

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